Sports Medicine

Featuring credentialed ImPACT consultants and three of the most experienced sports medicine physicians in the area, Rome Orthopaedic Center can help get you back in the game.

Joint Replacement

Every joint in the human body is made up of bone ends that are capped with a soft material called cartilage. When that cushion erodes, it may be time to consider joint replacement surgery


Hand and Wrist

As much as we use our hands, wrists and fingers, it’s no surprise that overuse injuries account for almost as many trips to the doctor as traumatic injuries..


From tendon and ligament repair to total elbow replacement, our experts can keep elbow pain from impacting your quality of life.


Foot and Ankle

Each of us will experience some type of foot or ankle pain in his or her lifetime. But the treatment you receive at Rome Orthopaedic Center can make the difference between a quick recovery and chronic discomfort.


Your hips support you when you walk, run or stand. Our hip specialist is here when they don’t.



More patients seek medical attention for knee pain than any other orthopaedic condition. And our knee surgeons are the reason so many of them come to see us.


Offering the full scope of arthroscopic and open shoulder procedures, our experts can end nagging shoulder pain for good.



Accidents happen. When they do, there is no better team to help you manage your injury than the experts at Rome Orthopaedic Center.

Workers Compensation

When it comes to occupational injuries, early diagnosis and treatment are crucial in returning employees to work quickly and safely.


Interpreters Available

We provide access to interpretation services 24/7 at no cost to you.  

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