Hand and Wrist

Hand and WristAs much as we use our hands, wrists and fingers, it’s no surprise that overuse injuries account for almost as many trips to the doctor as traumatic injuries.

In children, most injuries occur during sports or play or from accidental falls.

Adults are at higher risk for hand and wrist injuries and fractures because bone mineral density decreases with age. Vision and balance issues can also increase the risk of injury in older patients.


The most common hand and wrist injuries seen by orthopaedic surgeons are tendonitis, fractures and joint injuries.

Tendonitis is usually a chronic overuse type of injury that is often caused by sports (rowing, racquet sports, golf) or activities that involve repetitive hand and wrist motions.

It can also occur in the workplace where many people spend hours at jobs that require a repetitive wrist extension or reflection (carpal tunnel syndrome).

Some of the most traumatic hand and wrist injuries in sports have to do with ligament injuries resulting from collisions with other players or the playing surface.

Other common injuries in sports are fractures that can occur as the result of falls in which the impact is absorbed by outstretched hands and wrists.

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