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workers compensation


Rome Orthopaedic Center Physicians will see an injured employee within 24 to 72 hours after an injury. Many of our physicians will offer same day appointments to provide medical care for the acutely injured employee. Our team of physicians delivers efficient and effective treatment for all musculoskeletal injuries. 


When an employee is injured, the employer requires information quickly.  The physicians at Rome Orthopaedic Center will complete a Work Status Report and note to fax/ email the information to the employer, insurance adjuster and case managers each time an injured employee is seen by a provider. If an employee is unable to return to normal duties, return-to-work restrictions will be outlined by the physician so an employee can perform modified work, when appropriate while their injury heals.

Consistency and Care Coordination:

You can expect to receive the same timely information after each patient's visit.  We have a dedicated Workers' Compensation Department to help answer questions and maintain individual customer relationships.  All of our physicians are committed to delivering the highest level of quality medical care to every patient with every visit. Gwen McKnight is our dedicated Workers’ Compensation Coordinator. She exclusively handles all aspects of compensation cases. She is easily accessible for patients, case managers and adjusters.  For more information on our workers’ compensation services or to make an appointment with one of our orthopaedic specialists, please call Gwen. 

Gwen McKnight 
phone: 706-528-9025 
fax: 706-232-7060 

Independent Medical Evaluations:

Scott Bowerman, M.D. has over 20 year of experience in providing Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs). To discuss fees and records requirement and to schedule please call 706-528-9025.


“As a Workers’ Compensation adjuster, it is extremely difficult to find good, quality providers to handle WC claims. I have been working with Rome Orthopaedic Center for almost two years and they are definitely one of my favorite practices. They make my job so much easier and I am truly thankful to have such a quality provider. Whenever an orthopaedic referral is needed for a patient, Rome Ortho is always at the top of my list. The doctors do a good job of treating the patients and the WC Coordinator, Gwen, does a fabulous job taking care of everything. Whenever PT or diagnostic studies are needed, she will immediately call or email me for authorization so that there is no lapse in treatment. She gladly uses our preferred vendors for PT or diagnostic studies. Rome Ortho sends me the work status reports within 24 hours with an update of that visit. If the associate misses the appointment for any reason, I know I can expect a fax stating that there was an appointment and the reason for the missed appointment. If I could clone Rome Ortho, I would put them in every city. If you try them just once, you will be hooked (and possibly spoiled) by their exceptional services.”

–Jonathan Escobar, Claims Examiner

Interpreters Available

We provide access to interpretation services 24/7 at no cost to you.  

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